About Us

Elite Physical Therapy has adopted treatment approaches that emphasize your involvement in your recovery. We place a heavy emphasis on finding ways that you can relieve your pain consistently, quickly, and without expensive equipment. Each exercise seeks immediate change in your symptoms through finding a movement or position that improves joint mechanics and muscle function. When you are discharged from Elite Physical Therapy, you will be pain free and leave with a plan that enables you to manage symptoms independently. 

Mission statement

Elite Physical Therapy provides self-empowering physical therapy that gives patients hope they can have the quality of life they desire. We hold firmly to time honored Christian values of honesty, kindness, acceptance and sincere concern for others.


At Elite Physical Therapy we place emphasis on working as a team. Together we give our best effort, hold each other accountable to meet job expectations, and demonstrate humility, honesty, efficiency, open communication, and respect for team members and those we serve.