Bonney Lake

Elite Physical Therapy – Bonney Lakefield

We are excited to offer high-quality Physical Therapy, Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention services in Bonney Lake, Washington. This is our newest location. It has some pretty unique features – including turf, track, and a basketball court! Not only that, but we have some of the best clinicians around. (We’re not biased at all.)

Not an athlete and about to close your tab? STOP! We love using our space for industrial athletes, weekend warriors, and everyday injuries. Our unique features, space, and skillsets allow us to creatively replicate the motions you use in your everyday life. 

Not sold yet?!? Check out our events page. We host a variety of community-centered events at this location.

Come get your yoga on! Partnered with Evolve Strong Fitness and taught by wonderful instructors. 

19910 S Prairie Rd
Bonney Lake, WA 98391
Ph: (253)750-5997
Fax: (253) 750-0463



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