Elite Physical Therapy – Graham
Elite Physical Therapy in Graham sits in the shadow of Mount Rainier – just past the hustle and bustle of Meridian in South Hill. At this location our clinicians are  excited to offer high-quality Physical Therapy for Work Injury Rehabilitation, Vestibular Rehabilitation (that’s for all you dizzy folks), Sports Rehabilitation, Neck/Back Pain treatment, and TMD (jaw pain/locking) treatment. 
What makes this clinic unique is what makes the Graham area so unique: our proximity to the outdoors and all that the region has to offer. We see more 4×4 trucks and off-road equipped vehicles in this parking lot than any other. 
With the adventurous nature of the area and community, we often treat the subsequent injuries. So if you hurt yourself horseback riding, snowmobiling, hiking, or fly fishing – our clinicians are uniquely equipped to treat you. Why, you ask? Because they’re out there doing it too. 
Looking to make it through the season without any injuries? Come see us.  We can help you set up an individualized program – whether that’s to get up Mailbox Peak or to to run your first mile along the foothills trail. We’ll teach you the tools you need to get there. 
Contact us today to schedule an appointment.