Running Analysis

Ready, set, go!

Runners are a unique breed of athlete. They are intensely driven to return to their training as soon as humanly possible. At Elite Physical Therapy, we understand this desire to return to running because we too are runners. Our clinic offers a unique opportunity for runners of all ages to work with Trevor Pettingill, MPT, who competed at the 2004 Olympic Trials in the Men’s Marathon. Trevor’s personal experience with sport injuries combined with his professional training allow him to effectively guide athletes of all skill levels from injury to return to their sport. In addition to Trevor’s elite running experience, many of our staff run recreationally, completing races of various distances from 5ks to marathons. Each brings their experience and expertise with running injuries to the clinic and are excited to help you achieve your next PR!

As physical therapists, we take a comprehensive approach to your injury. We look at all contributing injury factors from your training plan, running equipment (shoes, orthotics, braces, etc), running surfaces, running gait and injury/running history, all the while taking your current goals into consideration. We formulate a treatment plan based on your individual needs and work hard to get you back to top form as soon as possible. We understand how important running is to you. We’ll get you back on the road, trail, treadmill, track or whatever your preferred running surface is!

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