Running Injuries

Studies have indicated that nearly 80 percent of runners are injured each year, with about 40% being knee injuries. Most injuries are caused by overuse (applying repeated force over a prolonged period of time), poor running form and poor selection of footwear or worn-out footwear.

Many times, running injuries can be prevented. Before starting a running program, call us and learn how we can advise you on proper form, training methods, injury prevention strategies and proper shoe selection. We can also work with you to develop a tailor made plan for successful running.

Our therapists will often perform a gait analysis to evaluate running form.


Often times seeing the athlete in motion gives a clinician greater insight into mechanical factors impacting running efficiency and injury risk.

For runners who have sustained a running-related injury, please contact us so we can provide information on how we can evaluate, diagnose and treat you. 

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