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"What really convinced me was the ability to speak to the provider I know without having to leave the house."
Kelsey K

Experience Physical Therapy From a Distance

Over the past decade, the advancements in technology are vast and growing. Telehealth has been a growing option for receiving medical care that is more important now than ever before. 

While an in-person visit is often the best option for receiving care, sometimes it’s just not possible. When those times occur, we are here for you.  In addition to in person visits, Elite Physical Therapy offers care via telecommunication allowing you to remain in your home while receiving the care you need. Our clinicians will provide assessment, treatment, and planning through a virtual meeting place. This time is also important for focused education and planning with your care provider to help you reach your goals. 

Understand your Plan of Care

We will design a plan of care tailored to you. We don’t use cookie cutter approaches.  You are uniquely you, so your care needs to fit you. These virtual sessions allow you to work within your work home or work environment to better fit day to day independent management of symptoms. 

Keep progress in motion

As you progress, your plan of care will need modification. When symptoms and limitations change, so will your plan. Each telehealth appointment will help you progress through continued therapist assessment, education, exercise demonstration and modification, and guidance in home program execution so that each of your goals can be achieved.  

fall in love with our Service

Real time Care

Face it, sometimes it's hard to leave the house or get out of the office to attend an appointment. With telehealth you're never farther from our clinic than your personal device so you can schedule your care when time is right for you. 

Expert providers

Our caring professional staff are up to date on current treatment approaches and will make you feel at home as they work to understand your concerns and goals. 

pets allowed

Sometimes you just need your best cheerleader at your side. 

Amazingly responsive

You will be surprised at how quickly you begin to feel better and function with fewer limitations after just a few visits.  Scheduling has never been easier.  Book an appointment through our website right now!

covered by Insurance

The majority of all Federal, State, and Private insurance companies now cover telehealth for physical therapy!  Those programs not currently covering telemedicine are likely to follow.

Easy to use

Not technology inclined? Not a problem! We are hear to help set up the virtual connection. Call us today to find out more!

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It has never been easier to improve your quality of life.