Elite Physical Therapy

Elite Physical Therapy is an outpatient physical therapy company with clinics located throughout Pierce County.

We place a heavy emphasis on finding ways that you can relieve your pain or improve your function consistently, quickly, and without expensive equipment. 

The best care is on your side.

Cost effective

Physical Therapy is significantly more cost effective than surgery. Give it a try!

Focused Care

We provide one-on-one treatment time with a trained provider for the length of your appointment.


No cookie cutter approaches here! You are unique. Your physical therapy treatment should be too.


Do you want to hike on Mount Rainier without pain? Run faster? Lift your grandkids again? Every treatment session is catered to what you want to achieve.


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Get In touch


Email us at elite@eliteptwa.com or contact us via phone at the numbers below. We can’t wait to talk to you!

Bonney Lake: 253-750-5997

Graham: 253-780-4965

North Tacoma: 253-507-7450

South Tacoma: 253-531-5645






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